Moving Truck Rentals Costs and Moving Estimates

Moving truck rentals costs to expect  known to avoid being conned due to unscrupulous businessmen. Moving truck rentals costs vary from one company to the other. But most charges are standard, especially for the big truck rental companies.

Moving truck rentals costs also vary depending on the quality of the service offered. It depends on the size of the moving truck, on how far you are moving and depending on the logistical issues that the moving truck rental company has to handle.

Typical costs are that a fourteen footer truck that is moving household goods from a one bedroom or two bedroom apartment will cost between $20 and $30 for every eight hours. In addition, the company will charge you between 68 cents and $1.10 for every mile, depending on the moving truck rental company. For an in-town rental  is lease for eight houses, typical costs for a twenty four foot trucks for three or four bedrooms will cost you between $40 and $70 each day and you will pay between 68 cents and $1.10 per mile, depending on the moving truck rental company. On average, a 14-foot rental truck is hire to move your cargo across the country for 10 or 11 day will cost you between $1,800 and $2,000.

Truck Rental Companies

Go for truck rental companies that charge based on the weight of the cargo when moving over long distances to avoid paying for miles that the truck was stuck in traffic or paying extra after a driver’s slow drive, alternatively, go for one way moves. For shorter distances, go for truck rental companies that charge based on the distance covered or the time taken. In such cases, it is advisable you monitor the truck carefully to ensure that there are no avoidable delays. If possible, be in the moving truck.

You should always be on the lookout for hidden charges – some truck rental companies are notorious for this. This is especially important when moving over long distances because the extra charges can be in the thousands. If a deal from a moving truck rental company seems to be too good to be true, you should trend carefully. You should ask for a copy of the contract before putting pen on paper and if the language is too technical, you should seek your lawyer’s help. You should be equally careful when it comes to the insurance cover – go through the fine print of the policy carefully.

Beware Of Additional Costs

You should be aware of additional costs. During summer months, you should expect to pay 20% to100% more than you would in the winter. When you under estimate the distance, you will pay about 40 cents for every extra mile. If there need to hitch a trailer for towing your car on the moving truck, you will pay around $150. The insurance cover will cost you around $20 per day, but this depends on the value of the cargo and on your policy.

Although the rates charged by different truck rental companies vary from company to company, rates for some services and other charges usually revolve around a given amount. You should know what these moving truck rentals costs are so that you can make an informed decision. By looking at online moving estimates from different companies, you can determine what these moving truck rentals costs are. You can get truck rental companies and their online moving estimates from