Car Transport – Choosing Reliable and Credible Companies

Car transport services are offered by companies that specialize in car transport and by general moving companies. Companies that specialize in car transport are advantageous in that they usually know how to deal with logistical issues.  They are familiar with laws and regulations with regard to auto-shipping. They usually have all the trucks and equipment needed . Their drivers and employees are usually well trained in how to do auto-shipping effectively and efficiently. On the other hand, a general moving company is advantageous in that it is likely to be cheaper.  Such companies offer different companies, but you are unlikely to get a high quality service with such companies.

One way to get credible auto-shipping company is to look at registration from relevant state and federal regulatory bodies. Most registered companies are more likely to credible because that is the only way they can get clients. One such regulatory body is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA . Every auto-shipping company has a US Department of Transportation number . You should ask for this number from companies you are considering and cross-reference it to FMCSA database on FMCSA website.

Visit Company’s Website

You can get a credible auto-shipping company by visiting the company’s website. A credible company is more likely to have a website. You should look at the comments section and the FAQ section to see what past users are saying about the company, but this is not a sure way of determining the credibility of a car transport company. Websites to credible auto-shipping companies start with http and not https.

The surest ways to determine the credibility of auto-shipping companies are to get customer testimonials and ask for recommendations. You should call the company and ask for a list of past clients and you should call them to find out if the company has good services. Better still, you should get recommendations from colleagues, neighbors, family members or friends who had previously used the services of an auto-shipping company.

To determine the reliability of an auto-shipping company, look at the schedule. The schedules of pick-up and delivery should be realistic . You should avoid companies that have schedules that seem too good to be true.

To get a reliable auto-shipping company, consider companies that have the right trucks and equipment. You should therefore visit the company’s premise to look at the truck that will be transporting your truck. The truck should be in good running order and the driver should be reliable. If you want fast delivery, you should not get a truck that transports many cars at a go – but this would mean you have to spend more money.

Find A Good Company

There are many companies providing auto-shipping services, but not all of them will offer you a good service. If you are interested in getting reliable and credible car transport companies, you should visit moving trucks rentals. From this site, you will get tips on how to get credible and reliable auto-shipping companies. You will also get a list of credible and reliable auto-shipping companies and their online moving estimates that you can use to make comparisons.